Shelsie Necklace
Shelsie Necklace
Shelsie Necklace

Gift of Hope

Shelsie Necklace

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Our Shelsie Necklace is feminine, dainty, and delicate. Featuring ethically gathered cow and goat horn + bone polished pieces handcrafted by local, skilled artisans, these possess natural beauty. Just like the women and children, we are empowering, no two polished pieces are alike. Their natural variation ranges from ivory and caramel to ebony. Each horn + bone piece is suspended from a fine 14k gold filled chain.

The Shelsie Necklace is named after a precious little baby girl who lost her life from HIV when she was just a week shy of being one year old. Shelsie suffered for most of her life, and yet the sparkle in her eye always radiated hope. She was an absolute beauty. One of the most beautiful babies we have ever seen. And her life still radiates in our souls.
•Teardrop gathered cow or goat horn + bone
•14k gold filled minimalist chain
•Comes in beautiful earthy tones that can range from ivory to caramel and ebony
•Pairs well with any outfit, for every occasion
•Lightweight and super versatile
•18 1/2" long in size
•Gathered and polished horn +hone pieces made by Haitian artisan Andre and his team
•Assembled by GOH Jewelry Artisans
•Ethically made
•Handmade in Haiti


Note each of these handmade necklaces may have slight variances based on the uniqueness of each gathered horn + bone piece. Beautiful work is done in time and in small batches, please take joy in the unique look of the Shelsie Necklace.