Eve Earrings
Eve Earrings

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Eve Earrings

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Our Eve Earrings are strong and delicate. Classy and eye-catching. Featuring an ethically gathered cow and goat horn + bone polished piece handcrafted by local, skilled artisans, these possess natural beauty. Just like the women and children, we are empowering, no two polished pieces are alike. The darkest tones were chosen for this specific piece, and the natural variations within will range from caramel and ebony to midnight and sand. Suspending from each horn + bone piece is a 14k gold filled bar, dressing up this natural earring with fashion-forward style.

Eve earrings are named after Baby Eve, a rescued baby that was brought to our partner program, Hope House for nutrition help. Eve was born on the top of a mountain, far past the mountains that surround us in Port-au-Prince. Her mother passed away from an infection just ten days after delivering Eve. Her family is among a community of poor, rural farmers, and they did not have access to milk to give Eve what she needed to survive. She was admitted for nutrition support weighing just 4 lbs when she was two weeks old. Even though Eve was small, she was strong. She is beautiful and claims all of the attention. Just like our Eve Earrings.
•Gathered cow or goat horn + bone
•14k gold filled minimalist bar
•14k gold filled earring hook
•Comes in a beautiful earthy tone that can range from caramel to ebony
•Lightweight and super versatile
•7/8" x 2" in size
•Gathered and polished horn +hone pieces made by Haitian artisan Andre and his team
•Assembled by GOH Jewelry Artisans
•Ethically made
•Handmade in Haiti


Note each pair of these handmade earrings may have slight variances based on the uniqueness of each gathered horn + bone pieces. Beautiful work is done in time and in small batches, please take joy in the unique look of every pair of Eve Earrings.