Haiti Artisan Co-op exists to promote social businesses in Haiti. Our goal is to help build a Haitian middle class through exporting products ia global and socially conscious marketplace.Through our work with bigger artisan groups, such as 2nd Story Goods, Petite Palm, Haiti Made, and Mission Lazarus, at Haiti Artisan Co-op we also seek out local artisans and help them build a website in order to export their products. We are currently partnered with Ayiti Metal Art, Stone Work by Larette, and Hope and Joy, we are always eagerly trying to find new artisans to pour into in order to help grow their business. 
Haiti Artisan Co-op Founders, Parker and Aaron, have a passion for empowering Haitians to build and better their financial circumstances in Haiti. Since 2017, Parker has lived in Haiti running operations for Haiti Made until the launch of Haiti Artisan Co-op in 2019. Aaron regularly comes to Haiti with a focus on consulting and teaching business skills and his work continues to be a huge asset for the Haitian small businesses partnering with Haiti Artisan Co-op.