Vi Bella has been providing full time employment for at-risk individuals since 2011.
Our founder was moved to action after witnessing the impact of a devastating earthquake on the country of Haiti. The people she met needed steady employment and to keep their families together. Vi Bella was born out of a response to this call to seek justice and to love our neighbors.
Our story doesn't stop in Haiti.
With two centers operational there, Vi Bella expanded to the small village of Pesqueria, Mexico.  We also employ women in transitional housing near our home office in Sioux Center, Iowa. The Vi Bella story has grown to provide employment, education, and opportunity to more than 60 artisans in Haiti, Mexico, and right here in the United States. In 2017, Vi Bella expanded even further to acquire the operations of Three Cords Haiti, an amazing job-creation ministry operating in Haiti under the umbrella of The Mission of Hope.  The addition of these 24 artisans has expanded the impact of Vi Bella as well as the product lines. We now offer gorgeous, hand sewn items by these talented artisans, many of whom are amputees or deaf.