Mission Lazarus Goods

Lazarus Artisan Goods was born out of a vocational training program. The artisan skills of our employees, a testament to their “maestro”, are evident in every hand made product we offer. By combining old world techniques, including needle and thread stitching and hand riveting with an elegant classy yet rustic feel, Lazarus Artisan Goods knows that each item we produce is more than just a leather piece, it’s a statement of values and integrity.

When you purchase a hand crafted leather piece from Lazarus Artisan Goods you’re being invited to join a group of a select few who’ve discovered what Eugene Adalais' friends discovered in him, and what I discovered in Ernesto, amazing, one of a kind artisan skills.

Our commitment to Dignity guarantees that your purchase is blessing the life of the creator of that piece and his family.

Our commitment to Transparency means that every product can be traced back to when it was produced and who’s hand put the final touches on it.

Our commitment to Stewardship means that your purchase isn’t just a sale for us, it’s an investment in the future success of the family of an artisan.

Our commitment to Sustainability means that we’ll never put our profit above our people and by that tomorrow's leaders will be prepared today.

And it’s our strong Faith that motivates us to use an incredible employment opportunity to build relationships where we can share our faith, not only by what we say, but also by what we do.